Weight Training

Its quite self explanatory. In weight training, exercises are done using weights such as bars, dumb bells or machines.
I like to use them all in different exercises or as per the need of the client. This is one of the oldest and now a traditional form of exercise. It is most commonly used method of exercise in India.

I started my workout about 18 years ago with this method and to date continue to do so. After having my two girls, I had the post natal fat.I was looking for a method to lose fat. And at that time,there was no method of Fat Loss that anyone spoke or wrote about confidently. I accidentally hit upon weight training and saw all the fat melt away.

From a very very thin person to a pear shaped person (after my babies),I got a hour glass figure all thanks to the weight training exercises I did. So here you are to get a very authoritative and confident result oriented way to lose Fat.

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