The Irrelevant Aunty!!

Who is your Aunty
I don’t need to tell any woman my age that she is an Aunty to every 23,25,27 year olds and below.Why ??? I know most people around my daughters age feel comfortable and respectful in calling their mothers’ friend or any woman close to my age,50,Aunty.
No where in the world does anyone do it,except for the South Asian continent(India n Pakistan).
I called all my mothers friends’ Aunty and,so also, every other woman who was around my mom’s age because I didn’t know any thing better. On the other side too, neither did they.
However,If, someone stood out and respectfully asked not to be called Aunty, I happily obliged. As a 20 somethng, there was a kick in addressing an older person by their name.
The people who were not an Uncle or Aunty to me were people I vibed with, on my own. In time,I had my own relationship with them. Even,if,it was random person. I gave them their own identity by not putting them into an irrelevant bracket of Uncle/ Aunty.
That is exactly what I want.
I m not pretending to be younger than my age. I will always look my age and I like that.
I will vibe with people who think like me no matter how old they are, somewhere the sensibilities will match.
Aunty and the age factor is completely an Indian perception. Most millinieals(25 somethings) are emotionally forced to call another older man/woman  uncle/aunty socially. Why?
Why are they so challenged in their social etiquette?
This scenario,however,does not exist in the work place.
Everyone, who I’m addressing through this write up, has had more than basic knowledge of English to understand that Aunt is an noun- used for the sister of your father or mother. So stick with it and give me a break.
Please don’t call me Aunty.
Thank you for stopping to do so now,unless, I ‘m really one to you. Even, if, I m your mom’s friend- I’m not your aunt.
Just to let you know, I will ignore you, if you ignore my request.
Nevertheless, I will still love you , 😘😘😘.

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