STOTT PILATES® Stability Barrel™

I am so glad that there are numerous ways to workout today and weight training is not the only way.
I did this workshop in New York with STOTT PILATES® and have gained immensely. You have to workout on this Stability Barrel to know what an amazing difference it can make to your body.

In their own words, the creators of this form of exercise, ‘Merrithew’ team describes it as, “When inverted, the Stability Barrel can sustain full body weight, to target balance and control. The padded gentle curve on the opposing side provides a platform for support and proprioception and allows for preparatory counter-movements in full-body, flowing sequences.. With a focus on multiplanar form and function, this programming helps create deeper mental focus and the concentration needed to develop core strength, increase flexibility, and achieve greater balance and kinesthetic awareness.

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