I am a certified trainer from STOTT PILATES®. Pilates Matwork is a form of exercise that is done on a mat. This form of exercise works to build Strength, Stability, Balance and Flexibility(through a lot of stretching)

It is the only form of exercise that works immensely on the core of the body which is your Abdomen, Lower Back and Front of the hip joint. It stabilizes the Scapula(Shoulder blades) ,the Pelvic and the Spine. When you workout engaging these specific parts of your body, you stabilize the body in such a way that it prevents injury to the back, neck, shoulders or to any other part of the body.

If you are an athlete, runner, cricketer,golfer or just leading a sedentary life, this form of exercise must be a part of your regimen.

I have gained immensely in my posture and in my balance. In a few instances that when I have slipped and fallen on ice/snow, I have fallen well and not injured myself. It was all due to a strong core that I did not get hurt.
Pilates streamlines the body very aesthetically to make you bikini fit, Run, Engage in sports like cricket, tennis, golf which require a very strong core.

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