Jo Fit Hai Woh Hit Hai

I have been hosting this radio show for the last 9 years now and look forward to do so in the years to come. I believe that by inspiring my listeners to workout and stay fit, I am giving back something valuable to the society, for everything it gave me. And the most important thing is that I get a chance to interact with my fans and bring positive change in their life.

It is an honour for me to have fans who follow me daily: to get Fitness tips for a good figure, make eating plan and exercise regularly to lose fat.

This show also enables me to pursue my passion for writing. I write my own scripts for my daily fitness tips for the show. I also have a facebook account with the name “Jo Fit Hai Woh Hit Hai with Simmi Sakhuja”, where I share fitness tips and my experiences through posts and videos. Moreover, Big FM uploads the audio recordings of my show on my Facebook page for my fans to listen. In all, I feel blessed to share my knowledge on exercise, healthy eating and a fit life.




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