Summer Mid Morning Snack
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Summer Mid Morning Snack

Every day at around 10:30/ 11 am, those slight hunger pangs come knocking On your stomach.But the busy work schedule or lack of planning lets you continue with the hunger pangs. Dont do that to your self.

A mid morning snack is good way to keep that energy flowing and to keep your metabolism going. Remember, how you told your self, you wanted to look slim. Believe it or not, what you eat at this time counts for your FIT STORY.

A simple platter of Carrots and Cucumber, Both or Either ,with just a wee bit of Humuus on the side will help you tide with your hunger pangs. Not just that, but it will help you get that slim look. This low calorie snack in the mid morning fills you moderately thereby keeping your lunch small. Once again, you go by with lesser calories in the next meal.

Tomorrow, make sure you are carrying your mid morning snack to remain FIT & FABULOUS with SIMMI SAKHUJA.

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